“Sharing the LOVE of Christ and the RESTORATION it brings through RELATIONSHIPS!

(Ephesians 3:14-21)


God revealed the vision for Restoration Church in a moment of prayer after asking, “What makes us different? What makes us relevant God!?” His answer was simple, and yet so profound. “I Am” was His initial answer…followed shortly after with “My Word.” Our God always has and always will be the relevant piece in our church. We are but His vessels. We are the means that He uses to do His work at Restoration Church and everywhere else. His command is great, and His commission is profound. Love Him, love all, and share the Good News with everyone, everywhere. So simply put but so beyond our ability, that is until He is working through us…at that point, anything is possible! Come and join us as we love, serve and reach beyond our walls with the Gospel of Christ.
  • Come just as you are! Most members dress casually and love abundantly.
  • Book by book, verse by verse, we will go through the bible together! We are currently studying the letters of the New Testament in chronological order. Each message uses life lessons combined with the word of God to motivate and equip us to reach and love better!
  • We worship with a full band and encourage you to worship freely. Standing, sitting or for some bowing down with hands raised in surrender to our Lord.
  • Your kids and teens will be loved and taught bible lessons by our screened, committed and loving teachers while having fun and encountering the love of God!
  • Don’t be so quick to leave. Join us after service for prayer, snacks, coffee and fellowship. We truly want to know you more.

Leadership Team

Tom Howard
Senior Pastor, Elder and Board Director
Favorite Scripture: John 6:68-69
Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have believed and have come to know that You are the Holy One of God.”

Church Board

Scott Brown (Treasurer)
Sue Conradi (Vice-President)
Stan Huls (Elder)
Ken Schnider (Elder)
Andrea Wright (President)
Bill Wright (Elder)

Ministry Leaders

Scott Brown (Media)
PJ Conradi (Hospitality)
Sue Conradi (Hospitality)
Tom Howard (Worship)
TBD (Men)
Nicole Lasquete (Kids)
Angel Howard (Women)
TBD (Outreach)
Kasey Stephens (Youth)
Andrea Wright (Kids Camp)
Bill Wright (Kids Camp)